#rsrh Blogcon 11: the Bloggers as Activists panel.

Hey, it’s me at the Blogcon 11 panel on Bloggers and Activism!  I’m the… stout… guy in the… redshirt… oops.

[UPDATE]: There.  Should work now.


Yeah, I talked too much.

8 thoughts on “#rsrh Blogcon 11: the Bloggers as Activists panel.”

  1. Kinda brings the whole gamer thing into focus. And sitting sideways at the end of the table wasn’t your best decision.

    But I jest. Nice job as always.

  2. Thanks for coming to my town, Moe. And don’t feel too bad about getting enough out there on that panel; when Pam Geller gets the ball rolling, it’s…quite hard to stop.

  3. PS, it was very funny seeing the Occupy Denver folks out in front of H&M this past Sat. night. Charming to see some people can’t let go, especially the punk who had a stars-and-stripes bandanna over his mouth while carrying a “I have a job” sign.

  4. Well, Jeff, that was hardly a requirement for a ‘red-shirt’ to be beamed back aboard in a body bag, it did virtually guarantee it, didn’t it? (assuming there was a body left to bag, of course)

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