#rsrh I am manfully resisting the urge…

…to scream “I told you so!” over and over again at this realization.

…ultimately I have to admit that my thinking has changed. I wouldn’t want President McCain in office, but having seen the damage that President Obama has done, we’d have been better off without him in office. In short, I should have voted for McCain, despite my serious reservations and dislike of the man. I was wrong.

Because screaming is not helpful.
Screaming is not helpful.
Screaming is not helpful

Moe Lane

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8 thoughts on “#rsrh I am manfully resisting the urge…”

  1. And they’re always so *shocked* by these revelations. Could be worse, I guess. At least they figured it out now, and not Nov. 7th, 2012.

  2. But screaming is therapeutic.

    Until they hear you, anyway. (But that’s the “not helpful” part.)

  3. @Canthros and Moe, you can’t seriously tell me you thought things would be this bad. For a lot of us, looking at what 4 years of Clinton, LBJ, with Carter as a worst case scenario would do didn’t seem all that worse compared to what a President McCain would have done, and the long-term damage that McCain would have done to the party. And hey, Carter brought us Reagan. I think the actual results of ‘twice as bad as Carter’ surprised most people. In the end, I voted for Palin and hoping for a medical retirement even though I knew it was meaningless – if he managed to lose Texas he wasn’t cracking 50 electoral college votes.

    One thing I can tell you is I was (and still am) very, very angry with the GOP establishment for forcing me to choose between Obama and him. I’m fairly convinced that the GOP is broken beyond fixing, it’s going to require replacing, oh, about 100% of everyone that’s been in the national organization for more than a year, and that’s just not going to happen, because we can’t replace them faster than they go native. So things are probably going to blow up at some point. Trying to patch things is like the european bailout that we’re probably going to do. Just because the consequences of something are really bad doesn’t mean they’re avoidable, and the longer you try to avoid them, the worse they’ll be when they finally hit.

  4. @Skip: This bad? No, I assumed that Obama would be less awful. If nothing else, I assumed a higher level of basic competence on the part of him and/or his administration. But, with a couple notable exceptions (i.e. Fast and Furious/Gunwalker), that’s more about degree than about substance. In particular, discovering that a Democratic President with a Democratic Congress wanted to increase spending and nationalize healthcare shouldn’t be a shock to anybody that was paying attention from 1992 to the wave of 1994.

    And I suspect that President McCain as the end of the GOP was always a bit overstated. God knows, we survived Nixon.

    Anyway, I was referring to the observation that voting for the lesser of two evils is may be better than letting the greater of two win uncontested. (I’m a little sore on this point, having gotten advised to only vote for candidates I like a month ago. Well, if only I’d considered that …)

  5. I actually thought he’d be worse. But then it says something about me that I can imagine worse. O’Bama has surprised me by continuing Bush’s policies in the war on terror.

  6. Canthros, due to repeated stiffings of its voter base and total WTF-level incompetence, there’s a lot less margin for the GOP these days… and today’s Democrats aren’t the Democrats of 1968-72. Look at it like this: the guys who were bombing police stations and screaming about revolution smashing the state in ’68… are running things now.

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