#rsrh #FORWARD …Obama will desperately try to find a new motto when this one crashes and burns.

You know, when you’re a Democrat and Politico won’t carry your water

The Obama campaign is out with a new web video Monday…

[snip of half-hearted attempts to parrot Democratic talking points]

…It’s part of the ongoing struggle for the Obama campaign to try to find a slogan that will stick.

…Well, you’re apparently Barack Obama.  You know: I may actually end up enjoying this election cycle.  It’s shaping up to be better than I expected.

Via @PounderFile.

Moe Lane

PS: I give this one two weeks.  Also: they should have tried “Excelsior!”  Still would have been stupid, but at least it would have suggested that there’s a member of this administration who realizes that history started before, oh, 1992 or so…

15 thoughts on “#rsrh #FORWARD …Obama will desperately try to find a new motto when this one crashes and burns.”

  1. When I clicked taht Politico link, I swear I thought the subhead of the blog said “A Loving Diary of the Obama Presidency.”

  2. I figured they’d follow up WTF with something like “Speed of Light” (or SOL for the rest of us…). I think the incompetence of the basic message is quite the metaphor for the entire Obama Administration.

  3. How bout’ “Progressivism, Our New Elixer, for National Health”.

    Naawww, too sappy……

  4. “Twirling, twirling, twirling toward freedom!”

    This election cycle has been amusing.

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