#rsrh QotD, It’s About Time The Occupation Movement Died, Frankly edition.

Walter Russell Mead, writing the epitaph of the Occupiers:

To some degree, [the Occupy movement] was killed by its “friends.” The tiny left wing groups that exist in the country jumped all over the movement; between them and the deranged and occasionally dangerous homeless people and other rootless wanderers drawn to the movement’s increasingly disorderly campsites, OWS looked and sounded less and less like anything the 99 percent want anything to do with. At the same time, the movement largely failed to connect with the African American and Hispanic churchgoers who would have to be the base for any serious grass roots urban political mobilization. The trade unions picked up the movement briefly but dropped it like a hot brick as they found the brand less and less attractive.

It is as if the Tea Party had been taken over by the Aryan Brotherhood and delusional vagrants while failing to connect with either evangelical Christians or respectable libertarians. The MSM at one point was visibly hungering and thirsting for exactly that fate of marginalization to happen to the Tea Party, and the MSM did its klutzy best to tar the Tea Party with that kind of Mad Hatter extremism. The Tea Partiers by and large (not always or cleanly) escaped the fatal embrace of the nutters and the ranters on their side of the spectrum; OWS was occupied by its own fringe, and so died.

The whole thing is a good read, with a helpful reminder that this country works best if we’ve got two healthy generators of political/economic/social policy to choose from.  Which is true: I can’t wait for the Left to develop one.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I know that the Left says that about the Right, too.  That’s an interesting point… hey, real quick: how is Detroit doing again, these days?

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  1. Gee, another dig at Detroit? Us hereabouts who can read and write Really ‘Like You’ ….
    The place IS Kinda depressing, though. My Grandma’s old place is a smoking hole, and going inside the limits IS ‘Sporty’, to say the least.
    Being forever in ‘Condition Orange’, does have it’s benefits, however. I’m never unaware of my surroundings and I know where all the police stations are. So there’s that, I suppose……

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