New *Obama* campaign button makes him look like hit and run victim…

…while cosplaying* Reservoir Dogs.

No, really:

If Mitt Romney put out a button like that about Barack Obama, there would be torchlight demonstrations outside Romney’s main campaign office within twenty-four hours.  It is in fact, so bad a button that I hope that the person who came up with this one for the Obama campaign got promoted…

(Via @cprater)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Short for ‘costume play.’ Sort of like reenacting Civil War battles, only for movies and books and stuff.

13 thoughts on “New *Obama* campaign button makes him look like hit and run victim…”

  1. maybe, having run out of other people to do it, Obama’s throwing himself under the bus?

  2. I’m not seeing the hit-and-run victim. I am seeing the Reservoir Dogs. What am I missing, please help?

  3. But what character in Reservoir Dogs? That the important question for Obama the cosplayer, knowing him it would be a composite character.

  4. I think the guy who ran him over should have his muffler checked. It looks like it’s dragging. Unless of course he was being chased by someone on a bicycle.

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