#rsrh Today is the day that the Obama campaign vanquishes me.

I will never be able to parody them as much as they have parodied themselves with this (Via Weasel Zippers, via @davidhauptmann):

Although I no longer feel upset about saying HIT THE TIP JAR OVER THERE ON THE SIDEBAR.  I mean, really: ‘crass’ no longer figures into it.  I could put up pictures of big-eyed, fluffy kittens and I’d still not be anywhere as cynical as… this.

8 thoughts on “#rsrh Today is the day that the Obama campaign vanquishes me.”

  1. As I told some friends of mine upon seeing it, this is the first time that the Obama camp has left me without the appropriate words to respond.

  2. I can see how some wide-eyed twit working for Obama might think this is a good idea. What I can’t conceive of is anyone who would actually put that on their registry. Not just Obama, but any political figure or cause. How shallow must someone’s life be to think that is appropriate?

  3. Tacky does even begin to describe this. Could you even imagine receiving an invite with this on the gift list? I guess it could be appropriate at the funeral for the private sector

  4. This reminds me strongly of an old Bloom County cartoon, where a hunter is hunting liberals. Think of this as a moonbat early warning system: anyone foolish enough to sign up for this exposes themselves as having a room temperature IQ.

  5. So, can we expect to see Obama’s face on the golden calf next month? It’s either that or using lasers to carve his face on the moon at this point…

  6. Can we Re-Gift all the crud we do not want, or “Treasure”?
    I’ve got tons they can have.
    The entire ‘Popiel’ catalog for one….

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