#rsrh Barack Obama channels his inner #Fauxcahontas.

Charming, in that deeply stupid way that one finds in people who have never had to fully live up to the promise of their potential.  From Barack Obama’s comments in Roanoke:

If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.

Via @JimPethokoukas.  Somebody should really explain to the President that sounding like Elizabeth Warren is not a guarantor of success even in Massachusetts; in actual swing states it comes across as being, say, a clueless drone with no conception of what goes into making a business work and even less of a conception of what adversity looks like.  To put it more simply: just because Barack Obama never accomplished anything on his own as an adult doesn’t that the rest of us can’t.

Moe Lane

11 thoughts on “#rsrh Barack Obama channels his inner #Fauxcahontas.”

  1. Man, I don’t care what the tin content of your ear is, you just don’t say that to someone who started their own business… I mean, heck, just because you spent the last year and a half working a full time job out your house (in addition to the hopefully full time gig you already have, just because you busted your ass while the neighbors went to the lake, or you built up a bankroll to start your business by going to be an unarmed civilian in fricken Afghanistan for a year or more… you didn’t do it, someone else made that happen.

  2. My head is about to explode. I’m 4th gen in a family business. Come tell my grandpa that his dad didn’t create anything out of his garage. Come tell him he didn’t grow the business into one of the most successful in the area over the last 70+ years.

  3. Dems cannot handle the idea that one man can make a difference.

    Everything must be done by the collective .. with the blessing of the collective ..

    “I will not be assimilated” is the new “I do not submit”.


  4. I am with DAnB and frankly wondering why we haven’t at least already seen an internet ad with it.

    1. earlgrey: It’s the weekend and I haven’t gotten around to emailing the Romney campaign about it. 🙂 Seriously, sometimes it takes a day or two.

  5. Dang it! Here I am trying to get my business started and I see the problem… I have been told my 4th grade teacher from 30 years ago and a guy who built a bridge in 1955 built my business, not me, so I’ve decided to kick back and let them do their thing and build it up, so here I am sitting in my garage WAITING FOR THEM TO SHOW UP AND THEY NEVER DO! … disappointed in them. Slackers!

    The promise of America is the promise that if you work hard, you can succeed and prosper.

    The threat of Obama is that if you work hard, its not your accomplishment but someone else’s, and if you succeed economically, you will be punitively taxed because you dont deserve the rewards.

    Obama stole America’s promise!

  6. The corollary of O’s statement is that if you are a failure, that is not your fault either – someone else is also responsible for that. If you are not responsible for your success, your excess fruit belongs to someone who is lacking through no fault of their own. This is the intellectual justification for his Marxist views.

  7. obama is about 10%,or less right, some of the infrastructure was built with “government money”, but even then private enterprise did the work, for profit. henry ford had and idea, and built the “model t” ford as “everyman’s car”, creating jobs at high pay for that time, and putting ordinary americans on wheels without “government”. he got rich doing it, but he supplied the vision and talent, built the factories and paid the workers, and spawning other businesses to supply his needs, and yet more to supply the needs and desires of his workers. in my own life the only “government job” i ever had was 4 years in military service, every other dollar i ever earned came from a private enterprise business, and every payday i found government right there, waiting to pick my pocket.

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