The intersection of these two essays would be interesting.

Batman and Evil, Ben Domenech.

The Man Who Shot Joseph Curwin, Ken Hite.

Postulate: If HP Lovecraft had lived and gotten a job with DC he would have been one Hell of a writer of Batman comics*.


Moe Lane

*Admittedly, I’m kind of stealing at least the skeleton of that postulate from Ken.  Hopefully, he won’t mind.

One thought on “The intersection of these two essays would be interesting.”

  1. No. I disagree. Batman is out for justice and morality. There is no good or evil or justice or crime or morality or sin in the Cthulhu Mythos, just the horror from that which is beyond and what we can’t understand. Only insanity lies in even trying to combat these horrors. Even Kennth Hite notes that Lovecraft was a nihilist, thus he would turn Batman into something he is currently not.
    Actually, if I had to choose a “super hero” that would best fit Lovecraft, I say it would have to be Rorschach. Rorschach has gone insane from the horrors he’s witness and while he wants to punish the guilty, he’s really not interested in protecting in the innocent (unlike The Punisher and Batman, who would even go out of his why to protect the guilty). Rorschach is also uncompromising, even when he knows it will mean his death.

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