#rsrh Oh, I don’t think that Obama *hates* black people, @instapundit. Per *se*.

I instead think that Barack Obama just doesn’t take them all that seriously.  The VFW, on the other hand?  That group has votes that Barack Obama needs to have back; that’s why he went to the VFW convention, even though he didn’t go to the NAACP’s.

As for the doing this so openly, without explanation and/or apology?  Well, that’s just Barack Obama’s casual contempt towards black people.  Which is not really the same as hate, although a lot of people tend to get it wrong.

(Via, obviously, Instapundit.)

Moe Lane

One thought on “#rsrh Oh, I don’t think that Obama *hates* black people, @instapundit. Per *se*.”

  1. Well, if he manages to move the VFW vote from say 45% to 50% but at the same time erodes the NAACP vote from say 90% to 85% it’s a net loss for him. Even if he doesn’t lose NAACP any support per se, but just fails to sufficiantly energize them to go out and actually vote, its a probably a net loss. This is a fairly obvious truth so I’m mystifiyed by Obama’s decision to skip the NAACP speech. It would have been an easy home run. Blog retoric asside, I don’t think they’re that stupid.

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