This is rapidly turning into one of those *annoying* mornings…

…where I am stuck dealing with the fallout of stuff that legitimately ain’t my fault.  Annoying at best; bouncing-a-spoon-off-a-forehead-worthy, at worst.

So.  Here, via @jstrevino: Crecy, by Warren Ellis.  I took one look at the previews for this sucker (N.S.F.W.) and ordered it on the spot.  Looks pretty effing awesome, in its way.

2 thoughts on “This is rapidly turning into one of those *annoying* mornings…”

  1. Oh, Crecy is every bit as good as you think it is. Have you read his novel, /Crooked Little Vein/? I was reduced to a giggling pile of meat scraps at several points in the book.

  2. as awesome as Transmetropolitan was I have mixed feelings about Warren. He wrote one comic that ended with someone killing GW Bush and one that started that way. (but I would forgive him if he would just get NewUniversal going again.)

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