#rsrh @DWSTweets gets shifty-eyed, destroyed on Mediscare by Wolf Blitzer.

(Reminded by the Morning Jolt) No, really, Guy Benson was right: it was brutal. Completely deserved, but brutal.

I’ll spare you a summary, as no actual semantic content was exchanged in this clip: Wolf Blitzer kept pointing out that nobody over 55 has no reason to worry about the Ryan plan, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz kept falling back into classic Zombie Mode.  Honestly, it lacked only the hands-outstretched and a moan of “Rrrrrrrryyyyyyyaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” to make it classic Romero on Debbie’s part.

But one point: I’m going to be 54 in 2024, which – as Guy helpfully notes – is when Medicare is scheduled to go belly-up.  I’m not planning my retirement around the expectation that Medicare is going to be there.  No sane human my age – or younger – is.  And yes, that does annoy me, given that my tax money was spent – and apparently wasted – on funding that program.  All of which means that if the Democrats think that they can usefully demagogue the fact that they’re actively standing in the way of emergency Medicare reform, they are cordially invited to try: I suspect that the Democrats will be as good at selling that position as they were at selling Obamacare.

Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “#rsrh @DWSTweets gets shifty-eyed, destroyed on Mediscare by Wolf Blitzer.”

  1. Wasserman-Schultz helps the cause of the right. She’s a fool. She believes her opponents have evil motives. She BELIEVES that the Republicans want to slash Medicare to line the pockets of their rich friends. Again, we see that THIS is THE moment. If Obama gets re-elected, it’s Thelma and Louise time fiscally. It will be fascinating to see whether we are already as a nation to just drive over that cliff.

  2. Just keep repeating the $700billion cut to fund Obamacare, need to get the low info voters to see what has already happened

  3. Moe, your tax dollars were not wasted on Medicare; they were wasted on other programs when the government raided the Social Security Trust Fund.

    1. I take your point, Nomadic100: but I paid into that program. Involuntarily, to be sure, but I paid in. If I ain’t seeing any of that money, then I wasted my Medicare contributions.

  4. No sympathy for DWS if she didn’t want to look like a fool she shouldn’t have taken the job.

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