Election in twelve days! The economy is awful! (And CNN is ripping Obama!)

Let’s see what shiny object the Obama administration comes up with TODAY to try to distract people from both of those inconvenient truths.¬† I’m betting Full Metal Mormonism: nothing like a little casual religious bigotry to keep up the Online Left’s spirits as the hammer continues to descend.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Via email, prepared to be shocked by CNN’s Erin Burnett:

Executive summary: “The President’s math: it still doesn’t seem to add up.” Not something that the Obama campaign wants to see on CNN.¬† Particularly since Burnett ended the segment by pointing out that the ‘plan’ that Obama for America claimed would reduce the deficit¬† (more specifically: the supplementary specific details for said plan, and OfA had to be prodded into providing that) was actually scored by the CBO as being likely to increase it.

All of which means… don’t let up the pressure.

7 thoughts on “Election in twelve days! The economy is awful! (And CNN is ripping Obama!)”

  1. Remember, Erin is the one who gainsayed Stephanie Cutter and got her to admit that Romney’s plan was neither a tax increase on the middle class or an unpaid for budget buster. She is good with financial topics (easily the best at CNN or MSNBC on that topic). It tells you all you need to know about the leadership at CNN that in an election mainly about the economy and in a global economic contraction, Erin Burnett who spent the greatest part of her life as a financial reporter has been doing human interest stories.

  2. Full Metal Mormonism makes the most sense: It’s cool to be a religious bigot (Especially against Mormons) and I don’t think that angle has been used as much as “Mitt’s an evil white rich man that’s out of touch.”

  3. Being a good 5 point Calvinist myself, I have no great love for Mormonism. But, I certainly respect the decent manner in which many of them live their lives. I’ve had several people comment to me the absolute hypocrisy of evangelicals and Billy Graham in particular, ignoring Mitt’s Mormanism and supporting him. The somewhat apocryphal quote I always feed them is this:

    “Better to be ruled by a wise Muslim than a stupid Christian” – Martin Luther

  4. I disagree with Mormon theology deeply, but I cannot have a problem with the life Mitt Romney has lived. He is a good man, a great leader, and the real deal.

    What I love is that we really haven’t heard much on Mormons up to this point. I think most Americans hold Article VI dearly even if they don’t know what it says.

  5. Jbird, I am *so* stealing that “quote” …
    Voting shouldn’t be reduced to the equivalent of “me against my ideological brother, me and my brother against our heretic cousin, my family against the infidels”, eh?

  6. You Mean CNN actually wants him to *pay* if they run his ads labeled as news coverage? Signs the economy doth suck!

  7. Since I’m voting for President and not Pope I really couldn’t care about Romney’s religion.

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