QotD, Ed Schultz May Indeed Be This Pig-Ignorant On Chicago Gun Laws edition.

Hot Air, as part of the fallout from Allahpundit’s blinking-eye disbelief at the thought that Ed Schultz could possibly believe that there are no gun laws in Chicago:

Pro tip: There’s a reason constitutional challenges to gun laws tend to come out of deep blue jurisdictions like Chi-town and D.C. rather than, say, Tennessee.

…for the benefit of Ed Schultz, the answer is “because that’s where the draconian gun laws come from.”  And the reason why people care is because draconian gun laws have a disproportionate impact on law-abiding citizens.

2 thoughts on “QotD, Ed Schultz May Indeed Be This Pig-Ignorant On Chicago Gun Laws edition.”

  1. Of course now that the Left has video of Alex Jones making gun owners look bad on Morgan’s show, this will be ignored.

    I hate our media.

  2. Let’s not forget the anti-gun folks are racists. Seriously!
    A week before Sandy Hook, did any of the talking heads care about how many black kids in Chicago had died in the ongoing gang violence? Couldn’t tell it …
    The anti-gun laws are also racist, by the way. Seriously!
    It costs money to get a permit in Illinois, which is just as racist as requiring a State-issued ID to vote.
    While these arguments may seem silly to us, we need to use more of them .. not to advance the silly, but to both show the insanity of the Left, and to splinter them.

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