Curse my essentially ethical nature!

I had a perfect set-up to use Ed Schultz getting the ax at MSBNC as a way to insinuate stuff about the Clinton campaign… only it turns out that said insinuation wouldn’t have been supported by the evidence. So, no, Ed Schultz probably didn’t get fired because he did one too many favorable interviews with Bernie Sanders. It’s probably all just due to his having rotten ratings.

Pity, really. I was going to do a timeline, and bullet points, and everything. It would have been a thing.

Ed Schultz suggests that Barack Obama’s ONLY legitimacy comes from being black.

Imagine, for a moment, the utter feces storm that would result if a Republican had said this.

“So why give the president fast track authority? Because he’s African-American? I don’t think so. I don’t care if the president’s Asian, African-American, from Nigeria, if he’s a fat white guy from Minnesota, it doesn’t matter.”

Although I am not even remotely surprised to discover that Ed Schultz is apparently a closet birther. He’s representative of a really, really ugly thread that goes through a certain portion of the Democratic party, although Schultz is usually barely smart enough to hide it. At any rate: I’d recommend that Ed Schultz leave Barack Obama’s racial background out of any dispute that he might be having with the President. It’s… unseemly. And more than a little bit trash behavior, frankly.

Ed Schultz gets rhetorically gutted by Heritage knife-fighter Ryan Anderson.

Real – yes, actually metaphorical – blood on the floor on this one: watch the video if you haven’t already seen it twenty times. Seldom do we see a more graphic demonstration of the truism that the Left wants the Right to shut up, while the Right wants the Left to keep talking. I particularly enjoyed the way that Ryan Anderson kept grabbing Ed Schultz’s arguments out of the air, flipping them, and then idly throwing them right back into Schultz’s gut.  They teach that at Heritage, you know. Also, how to climb walls, disarm swordsmen with your bare hands, and get liberal locals to show up in force to support your conservative-themed rallies.


…and I’m having trouble with this connection, so let me just finish that here.

Ed Schultz has himself some epistemic closure on #Obamacare.

Here he is, relaying how Schultz was talking to professional Democratic politicians who are increasingly scared about running in support of Obamacare, and he can’t figure out what gives. Schultz really and truly doesn’t understand the problem; it’s quite fascinating to see, really.  The entire situation is visibly confusing him, and Schultz doesn’t like the sensation at all.

“There does seem to be, for some reason, a reluctance by Democrats to run home and talk about how positive this health care law is.”

Gee. Huh. Go figure. Continue reading Ed Schultz has himself some epistemic closure on #Obamacare.

QotD, Ed Schultz May Indeed Be This Pig-Ignorant On Chicago Gun Laws edition.

Hot Air, as part of the fallout from Allahpundit’s blinking-eye disbelief at the thought that Ed Schultz could possibly believe that there are no gun laws in Chicago:

Pro tip: There’s a reason constitutional challenges to gun laws tend to come out of deep blue jurisdictions like Chi-town and D.C. rather than, say, Tennessee.

…for the benefit of Ed Schultz, the answer is “because that’s where the draconian gun laws come from.”  And the reason why people care is because draconian gun laws have a disproportionate impact on law-abiding citizens.

#rsrh This Ed Schultz suspension story reminds me… (NSFW)

…of a tale from one of Spider Robinson‘s Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon stories.  It was told by one of the regulars, who had a bad habit of playing tasteless practical jokes (and we’ll tell the rest of this after the fold)… Continue reading #rsrh This Ed Schultz suspension story reminds me… (NSFW)