Organizing For Action Too unorganized to secure its own domain name.

As God is my witness, I was trying to be nice about Obama for America / Organizing For America / Organizing For Action / Oafs Farting Around / whatever else it is that they’re calling themselves these days – anyway, I was trying to be nice about the fact that the latest iteration of the group was having trouble getting itself up and running, or even upright.  Partially because even the best led group in the world can have tremendous difficulties with its launch (so imagine how much trouble OFA’s going to be in, organizationally speaking!) – and partially because the risk of karmic backlash was just too high for casual mockery.  I’d need to have something special happen before I was prepared to point and laugh.


This will do.

Obama supporters have developed a reputation for being tech savvy, but they may have dropped the ball on this one. Organizing for Action, the advocacy group founded to enable Obama 2012 campaign supporters to lobby lawmakers and the public on issues of importance to them, has failed to register its own domain name.

The result is that, and have all been registered to some enterprising individuals who snapped up the domains on January 18, the day the news broke about the new group. The people listed as the contacts didn’t respond to e-mails asking them what they intend to do with domains.

Well, if they’re looking for suggestions for the domains then I have a few. Starting with “The new owners are going to eventually get the domains taken away from them anyway – probably without compensation – so they might as well try to maximize out the revenue stream from Day One.”

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8 thoughts on “Organizing For Action Too unorganized to secure its own domain name.”

  1. The holder(s) of the domain names can’t be contacted. I think it would be reason for another point and laugh if they were also foresighted enough to register the trademark too, forestalling the attempt to take back the domains.

    Subotai Bahadur

  2. My schadenfreude is mitigated by the fact that we got beat by these bozos. “Urge to kill… rising!”

    1. Mockery, not murder, Aruges.
      Hardcore Leftys are as willing to die for their beliefs as any dark-ages christian martyr. (see also St. Pancake)
      They do not, however, hold up under the lightest mockery.
      I encourage you to take your blood-rage and direct it into comedy, preferably edgy and biting.
      For instance, go to and get a free-size batch of cards made up that have something annoying and true .. “This medical device cost a lot less under Bush”, or “If you think Obama made this ice cream cost more, you’re right” … and then *neatly* attach them to all the crutches or ice cream tubs or whatever you decide to mod.
      It will help, of course, if you first obtain the silence of the store operator….

      1. There are plenty of good Obama quotes that can be used for this kind of thing as well, e.g. his quote about energy prices will necessarily skyrocket is a good one to stick on a gasoline pump.

        1. Are you saying, Crawford, that she “accidentally” left the U.S., “accidentally” ended up in Rafah, or “accidentally” stood in front of an operating bulldozer?
          I get that the driver couldn’t see her .. but still. Accidental? Bull.

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