Media Matters for America: GUN FELONS.

Well now.

A staffer at left-wing Media Matters for America committed numerous felonies in the District of Columbia and around the country by carrying a firearm to defend the organization’s founder, David Brock, The Daily Caller has learned.

According to a knowledgeable source, multiple firearms used to protect the Media Matters founder were purchased with Brock’s blessing — and apparently with the group’s money.

So, why did an ostensibly non-profit organization allegedly flout DC gun laws – some of the most vicious in the country, mind you* – while at the same time working so hard to inflict those laws on the rest of us? Oh, right, because Media Matters for America is a hypocritical bunch of progressive mercenaries who just cash the checks, man. And clearly the laws shouldn’t apply to them.


Moe Lane

*Unless you’re David Gregory (translation: “white”).

6 thoughts on “Media Matters for America: GUN FELONS.”

    1. nice try Finrod, the Democrat/progressive get out of jail free card trumps “for the children”.

  1. The ‘laws for thee, but not for me’ business drives me up a wall. I don’t really care if they intended nothing but rainbows and sunshine: if they’re liable for stuff that would get me locked up, they ought to be charged. Maybe they’d stop advocating that sort of asininity when it started biting them in the rump.

  2. The hilarious thing is Brock thinks there are people out there who hold him in high enough esteem to want him dead.

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