Media Matters for America: GUN FELONS.

Well now.

A staffer at left-wing Media Matters for America committed numerous felonies in the District of Columbia and around the country by carrying a firearm to defend the organization’s founder, David Brock, The Daily Caller has learned.

According to a knowledgeable source, multiple firearms used to protect the Media Matters founder were purchased with Brock’s blessing — and apparently with the group’s money.

So, why did an ostensibly non-profit organization allegedly flout DC gun laws – some of the most vicious in the country, mind you* – while at the same time working so hard to inflict those laws on the rest of us? Oh, right, because Media Matters for America is a hypocritical bunch of progressive mercenaries who just cash the checks, man. And clearly the laws shouldn’t apply to them.


Moe Lane

*Unless you’re David Gregory (translation: “white”).

#rsrh I think that Mark Hemingway is a little annoyed.

Much as I hate to cast aspersions on anyone  – “Ha!” Again I say, “Ha!” – I have my suspicions about this Weekly Standard article by Mark Hemingway on Media Matters for America, and their utter inability to move the needle on anything.  I mean, I agree that MMfA can’t, well, move the needle on anything – and, speaking as someone who writes for a political site with actual influence on domestic affairs*, I can agree with the following.

It’s actually a badge of honor among most right-leaning reporters and bloggers to have done something that they find risible.

Indeed, it is.  Still, I suspect that Mark’s just mad because the Transcendent Glorious Mind-Lords over there can’t spell his name consistently right.

Unfair?  Only superficially: this is the level of reporting that you get from MMfA, you see.  Notice that this post is not up to RedState’s front page standards, which is why it’s not there right now.

(Via Hot Air Headlines)

Moe Lane

PS: If you’re wondering why people are suddenly name-checking that website, it’s because the Secret Ascended Masters of Space-Time Itself over there got caught declaring a Crusade against Fox News, complete with infiltration squads.  We’re only human, here in the VRWC: if you present us with a rear to give a free kick to, and if you deserve to be kicked, expect a kick sudden kinetic activity…

*Like The Weekly Standard – and most assuredly not like MMfA.

Media Matters for America forgets the first rule about Fight Club.

Not that MMfA is cool enough to be associated with Fight Club.

Executive summary of this Washington Post article: Media Matters for America (MMfA) has come up with its latest ACME-approved method for beating the Road Runner Fox News: a secret training camp in which they teach selected liberal acolytes secret Barking Moonbat Pundit Kung Fu techniques that will let them infiltrate and dominate an unsuspecting “right-wing media!”  Well… at least those elements of the aforementioned right-wing media that don’t read the papers, because, again the entire exercise got written up in the Washington Post by Jason Horowitz.

The entire thing is, in fact, almost sad.  Even if you concede the central premise that it’s a good idea to be prepared for television appearances – which it is; and it’s one reason why I don’t even try to do TV – it is still always bemusing to see people refuse to give up a cherished, yet quite wrong, notion.  As someone privately pointed out to me – and I agree – MMfA still thinks that it’s their messaging that’s the problem for progressives, not the message itself  (despite decades of empirical evidence to the contrary).  It’s also interesting that the article itself admits that the trainees themselves were more comfortable with arguing the conservative points of view than the liberal ones; sure, they try to explain it away by saying that “it’s more fun to be the bad guy” – but they haven’t really thought that thought through.  It’s fun to play the bad guy when the bad guy is over-the-top – but if conservatives were as over-the-top as progressives think that they are, then conservatives wouldn’t be winning the debate.  And MMfA is starting out by admitting that conservatives are winning the debate.

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#rsrh William Jacobsen should be flattered.

Media Matters only goes after people that they worry about.  Really, it’s a good thing to have your ankles gummed by one of Soros’ attack chihuahuas: it shows that you’re making an impact on the Other Side’s thinking.  Such as it is.

True awesomeness, though, is having your own tag over there: they only reserve that for the players.  Ahem*.

Moe Lane

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Movie of the Week: The Eagle has Landed.

Yeah, I know: Inception was starting to get stale.  I picked The Eagle Has Landed mostly because of this inside-blogball political piece demonstrating that there ain’t nothing so stupid that you can’t get a Media Matters for America hack like Eric Boehlert to confidently argue its side, but that’s not really relevant.  It’s a good flick – and if you don’t get the joke, well, I guess that means that you need to see the movie, huh?

Moe Lane