Joe Biden: Barack Obama doesn’t like to go to Iraq/Afghanistan.

Oh, Joe.

“I have traveled over 640,000 miles since I’ve been Vice President, and most of the time the President sends me to places that he doesn’t want to go.  So I’ve spent an awful lot of time with McCain and others in Afghanistan and Iraq, and so it’s nice to be here in Germany.”

Mind you, I understand President Obama’s reluctance to visit either country: it is currently full of people who the President must find to be absolutely alien to him, not to mention completely outside of his experience.  The differences in morals, ethics, culture, cultural assumptions, attitudes about and towards women, religious belief structures, general outlook on life… these are all profoundly different; the President clearly does not understand the people who hold them, and never probably never will.  I suspect that Obama doesn’t really want to understand them, either.

And that’s just the American military.  God only knows what Barack Obama thinks of Afghans and Iraqis.

Moe Lane

(H/T: Hot Air)

2 thoughts on “Joe Biden: Barack Obama doesn’t like to go to Iraq/Afghanistan.”

  1. I’m gonna be snide and say that he probably finds the attitudes of Afghans and Iraqis more congenial than those of U.S. soldiers…
    That was mean of me…

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