Anthony Weiner looking to avenge himself upon Nancy Pelosi for some reason.

I admit it, I admit it: I’m kind of conflicted, here.

Disgraced pol Anthony Weiner is potentially climbing back into politics after recently spending more than $100,000 on campaign consulting and polling — and sources tell Page Six that one person he’s looking to prove wrong about him is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who urged him to resign in 2011. “Weiner is still fuming over his downfall, and he blames Nancy Pelosi,” said a source. After Weiner’s sexting scandal, he announced he was going to get psychological treatment and take a leave from the House, but Pelosi released a statement calling for him to resign after he’d informed her of his plan to deal with the situation.

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On the one hand, I don’t want to encourage anybody to think that they should be allowed to avoid responsibility for their own actions, which is what Anthony Weiner is trying to do here. On the other hand, pretty much everything can be ‘blamed’ on Nancy Pelosi, from why the Democrats didn’t take the House back to why FISA was reauthorized.  On the gripping hand, Nancy Pelosi was right.  If Weiner had tried to brazen it out he’d have lost anyway.

So I dunno.

Moe Lane

PS: The NY Post does so love its headlines.

3 thoughts on “Anthony Weiner looking to avenge himself upon Nancy Pelosi for some reason.”

  1. In Pelosi vs Weiner – I say grab some popcorn and cheer for injuries and devastation.

  2. Tony is mad because he can no longer sext out impressive pictures of his package because his mind is so fixated on Nancy “The Shriveller” Pelosi. We are talking serious shrinkage and not just of the economy.

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