I’d get this as a tattoo…

…if I was the sort of person who would get tattoos*:

No one’s a bigger fan of what you do than the people that hate you the most.”

This is so, so true.

Moe Lane

*I’m just not.  I don’t have anything against tattoos, or the people who have them; I would recommend against turning your face into a Maori war mask, but that’s for practical reasons and I generally will only stare until I’ve had a good, long look and the novelty’s worn off.  But I have no real desire to get a tattoo.

3 thoughts on “I’d get this as a tattoo…”

  1. I intend to get a tattoo eventually, but I have a strong prejudice against text tattoos. The only tattoo of text I would consider getting is getting the entire Bill Of Rights tattooed on my back, and I have little inclination to go that far, currently.

  2. Since you’re no fan of the Maori, the real question is: what kind of war mask would you recommend getting?

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