QotD, I Already Knew This Instinctively, Of Course edition

And so did you.

James Taranto, on why the media is circling the wagons around Fox News:

Why the surprising show of solidarity–especially from the Times, which has labored mightily to rationalize away the other big Obama scandals, around Benghazi and the Internal Revenue service? Because they realize the Obama administration’s days are numbered (the number is 1,333 as of today). Even if Holder’s justice department wouldn’t dream of going after the New York Times–and the AP story calls that assumption into question–a future administration might not be so afraid of being seen as Torquemada. So we’re all Fox News now.

Let this precedent stand and future Republican administrations WILL take advantage of it. This is not a bluff; this is a promise to enthusiastically apply negative feedback to unwanted behaviors.

Via Instapundit.

One thought on “QotD, I Already Knew This Instinctively, Of Course edition”

  1. Folks still are not talking about the big one in regards to setting precedent – Obama’s decision to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act because he felt it was unconstitutional. Personally I don’t like the DOMA and am fine with it not being enforced but the precedent of the POTUS waking up one morning and declaring what they will or will not enforce is scary. And not nearly getting enough attention from the liberals about when the next GOP person is in office.

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