In the Mail: The Nazi Occult.

Grabbed Ken Hite’s The Nazi Occult (Dark) out of the mailbox, ran home, ripped it out of the box, read it in one go. Everything that I wanted it to be, and more: I hope Osprey Publishing does a lot of this sort of thing.

Short summary of the book: imagine that the various flavors of Nazi occultism worked. This is the book that Osprey would have put out describing the various forces involved and the history of what unfolded. Full color. Filled with a lot of real stuff, mixed in with a lot of shout-outs to various fiction genres. Very Cthulhu Mythos friendly: if you’re running a Delta Green game just go ahead and pick it up right now because you’ll be mining it for campaigns.

One thought on “In the Mail: The Nazi Occult.”

  1. Rabblefrazzit. My copy isn’t expected to get here until Friday.
    There is occasionally a downside to living out here in the hinterlands.

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