For the record: I do not like @RepDuckworth very much.


Rep. Tammy Duckworth, for the record, is a combat veteran who lost both feet (and most of the use of her arm) to enemy action. Braulio Castillo is a reported crony capitalist who allegedly used his IRS buddy to get a half-billion dollar contract. Castillo also apparently used a prep school foot injury to claim disabled veteran status, which is why Duckworth was using the rhetorical equivalent of an autopsy saw on him like that.



Moe Lane

PS: Speaking from a crassly political point of view: I suspect that Darrell Issa would readily agree with me that it does conservatives no harm to show just how bad it can get in the IRS; and that it does not actually hurt the cause to let a Democrat be the one to inform a conniving crony capitalist that she would very much like to see the man taken out front, and beaten with sticks. I know, I know: not very partisan hackish of me. Still, wounded combat veteran taking fully justified umbrage at a guy taking advantage of the disability rules. I can’t find it in my heart to push back on that.

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  1. Heh. I despise Duckworth, I will work against her re-election, and I would like to see her retired.
    That said, I respect her service and sacrifice, and I am pleased to see her wielding the justice-hammer.
    Now, if she’d just look a little closer at the effects of the policies she supports …

  2. Moe, I think you change the title to: “I don’t agree with @RepDuckworth very much.”
    The current title implies you have something personal againt Rep. Duckworth, which I don’t think you do. I disagree with people I don’t know, but I don’t hate them. I hope you share my sentiment.

    1. No, actually, I do have something against her. I have very little use for the antiwar movement, and she was one of their darlings.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I understand and agree with the sentiment. And, obviously, I am behind giving credit where credit is due.

      1. I don’t understand volunteering to be part of the armed forces when you are anti-war.

        1. EG:
          I met a lot of folks when I was in the Navy that had a very hard time reconciling that what they REALLY volunteered for was WAR. Either their recruiter(s) lied to them or they were just there for the MGB or a myriad of other equally naive reasons, the fact is many were very disillusioned when reality (in the form of live ammo vice “blue” bombs and 16 hour flight ops with flex-deck alpha strikes) smacked them in the forehead.
          Oddly, one would typically hear, “I didn’t sign up for this $#!+” when in fact, they had.

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