…Sorry, I just can’t get past this dinosaur attack video.

This one.


More accurately, I just can’t get past the alternate-history American version of this video, which differs from the Japanese one in that it never exactly aired. Instead, it was put into evidence by the defense at some guy’s manslaughter trial, in order to explain why the defendant felt obligated to put three rounds into a hapless puppeteer’s center of mass.

The jury would, by the way, probably acquit.

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously, Japan. We have concealed carry over here. Don’t dress somebody up as a velociraptor and then have him jump out of a hallway at people. It’s just not smart to do that in this country.


5 thoughts on “…Sorry, I just can’t get past this dinosaur attack video.”

  1. It makes me wonder what the Japanese legal system would do if the intended victim chose fight instead of flight.

  2. Wait, did this American version actually happen, or are you saying it will happen if the Japs try it?

      1. okay, hewh, I was scared there for a moment. Thought they actually tried it and their puppeteer was now dead or something.

  3. Considering how incredibly clumsy the beast looked before I saw the puppeteers legs, I thought I could take it and I’ve got a wrecked leg, but then I’ve fought animals before.

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