Hey, the Walking Dead video game series is on ridiculous sale.

75% off.

Was it any good? – Keep in mind that I have a lot of games to chew through first, but putting down ten bucks or so now instead of thirty later for the game and DLC makes a certain amount of sense, IF the game is worth it.

3 thoughts on “Hey, the Walking Dead video game series is on ridiculous sale.”

  1. Depends on if you like point and click, choose your own adventure style gameplay. The hook for this one is the characters and story and the degree in which you get to pick and choose how it goes.

  2. Are you looking for a story with heavy emotional investment that will likely make you mist up, if not outright cry? Then it’s for you. It’s at the top of a lot of people’s Game of the Year lists from last year for good reason.

  3. Having not personally played it myself, it is the current acme of the point ‘n’ click style adventure games, focusing on heavy-duty story choices in a world where there are (few) right answers (and zombies). Telltale makes you care about the characters better than just about ANY zombie movie ever made. They also let you play around with zombie movie tropes, if watching Giant Bomb play it some is any indication (one of the early choices: do I leave this place now or do the typical stupid zombie movie decision and leave at night?).

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