8 thoughts on “And THIS one goes out to @SenJohnMorse:”

  1. dKos has been “bucking the troops” for weeks over this. I hear Giron is gone too. Too Bad, grabbers. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Yet the law he pushed through is still on the books, and in no danger of being repealed.
    Considering he was about to be term-limited out of office, he likely sees the trade-off as worth it.

    1. These wins (Giron went down in flames and left an impact crater) are seriously energizing Colorado Republicans, though. If the Dems are smart they’d take this hint and repeal the law on its own; they won’t, which means that they’re going to revisit this in 2014. Should be fun!

      1. I hope you’re correct.
        That said, we have a tendency on our side of the aisle to declare victory and go home.

        1. Which is what is going to happen in 2014, if a bunch of whiney babies stay home, because of a dead on arrival amnesty bill.

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