Just chewed through “Widdershins”…

It’s an interesting comic; the first story was … not actually steampunk.  More like “early Victorian era with real magic;” still fun.  Entertaining characters and it didn’t let itself be too straight-jacketed by the relevant literary conventions.  Check it out.

5 thoughts on “Just chewed through “Widdershins”…”

  1. Try “Murder by Magic” sometime I forget the authors name but it was pretty good. He also wrote “To many Magicians” the main character is Lord D’arcy. Imagine Sherlock Holmes in a world where magic is common place. That’s what the Books are going for. One of the few authors I’ve read whose early death really hurt, he died too young.

    1. Trust me: I have the complete set. 🙂 I even have the two books that Michael Kurland wrote in that universe, despite the fact that I was not impressed at all by them.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. Went through the archive last night, it’s fun stuff. Now if only I could make a bargain with Sloth for some of that sleep back…

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