Check out Kate Ashwin’s Patreon!

Apparently she could use a bit of a financial boost. I like Kate’s Widdershins: it’s very possibly my actual favorite webcomic (definitely top five). I’m going to miss it when it ends, although I understand why she’s ending it.

The Widdershins: Sea Change Kickstarter.

Latest chapter (“Sea Change”) of the Widdershins webcomic has completed, so Kate is starting up the Kickstarter to get it printed. I’m not saying I dropped everything to back it, but I did drop everything I was doing at that one moment in time. I shall miss this webcomic, once it completes (next chapter is supposed to be the last)…

The “Widdershins: Curtain Call” Kickstarter is live.

And the keyrings are already gone.

Harrumph. Anyway: Widdershins is an awesome webcomic, Curtain Call was a fun little brawl featuring Our Heroes vs. The Seven Deadly Sins, and the Kickstarter will get you the latest book and PDFs for the rest. I heartily recommend it, whether or not I got a free keyring*.

Moe Lane

*[UPDATE]: …Arrangements were made on the keyring thing.

Two reasons why you should check out the latest Widdershins collection (Find the Lady).

First and foremost, of course: Widdershins is an excellent comic and absolutely worth your time. The books help feed artist Kate Ashwin: the artist must be fed; the logical conclusion is clear.  And the other reason? Well…


Kickstarter backers got the right to ask a question or two.  Hey, I’ll take my literary immortality where I can get it, folks.

The “Widdershins: Find The Lady” Kickstarter.

I love this webcomic, and happily signed up for the Kickstarter.

Widdershins is 19th century (mostly) urban fantasy; I read it because of the… well, I read it because it’s a damn good webcomic in general, with characters who I like and care about on general principles. But the worldbuilding is nice, too. Kate Ashwin has apparently been known to throw down various polyhedral dice on occasion, in fact. Always nice to see somebody else from The Sodality doing well…