…There is a problem with going to the used CD store on an anniversary date.

To wit, you are in the used CD store. Where they have CDs. Used. Which means, theoretically, that you’re saving money when you buy them, right?

…Yeah. Took us a while to escape. The real problem was the two buck bin.

Moe Lane

PS: On the bright side, it turns out that Columbia Records agrees with me that Bruce Springsteen should not be permitted to determine what were, in fact, Bruce Springsteen’s most essential songs.

PPS: Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Flogging Molly, and Gordon Lightfoot. …What?

PPPS: My wife loaded up on classical and medieval music. Plus this strange (but pretty) little CD of Lebanese jazz where we’re pretty sure the entire band got stoned at one point and forgot how to end the song they were currently playing.

Like you do.

6 thoughts on “…There is a problem with going to the used CD store on an anniversary date.”

  1. Tom Petty is one of mine guilty pleasures. Last Dance With Mary Jane, You Don’t Know How It Feels, and Running Down A Dream are all favorites.

  2. Glad I’m not the only one that still likes having the physical disc. I’ll load it myself and keep the disc as a backup.

  3. As I like to put it: I don’t believe in mp3s. I avoided uploading my cds until I could put them all on my current laptop all in .wav format. (About 200G worth, actually.) Now I’m working through my vinyl, a lot of which isn’t available on any other format (like the National Lampoon album Radio Dinner, for example).

      1. Then I have another interesting CD for you, when you get the time. It’s called “Mediterranean Crossroads,” and it’s by a group named ESTA (who, as it turns out, are Israeli, and I should have remembered that).

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