Tweet of the Day, I Thought That This Was HYSTERICAL edition.

But not as hysterical as the reactions to it. There are a lot of Lefties out there who aren’t happy about the fact that the only way to run the City is to emulate the Rudy Giuliani model; seeing how De Blasio deals with that is going to make for compelling watching.

From several states away. I do plan to stop by Manhattan in December, and do some last-minute shopping before the place turns into the NYC I remember as a child*. After that, well, elections have consequences.

Moe Lane

*My parents fled the City when I was eight. Draw your own conclusions from that as to how happy those memories were.

7 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I Thought That This Was HYSTERICAL edition.”

  1. Well, don’t wait too long for your last visit. We wouldn’t want to have to call in Snake Plisskin to extract you (wait…or would we?…)

  2. Can we take up a collection to get fender mounted chandeliers for De Basio’s limo? I’m feeling a Kickstarter here. If Detroit can have a Robocop statue, the new mayor of New York can have a ’77 Cadillac with fender mounted chandeliers.

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