Tweet of the Day, NOW I HAVE A CYBORG DOG. HO HO HO Edition.

It’s actually a Cute Emergency tweet, and those are prosthetic limbs, not true cyberware.


Still. A bionic dog is pretty darn cool. Not cool is why he needed the bionics. Folks-who-just-stopped-by*, please don’t abandon your pets. I have discovered that our taking in a stray cat** has somewhat galvanized my opinion on the subject.

Moe Lane

*Because none of my regular readers would ever do this. Not even the lurkers who hate me.

**Fear his wrath.


[Whew! Came pretty close to cat-blogging, there. Sorry, folks.]

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, NOW I HAVE A CYBORG DOG. HO HO HO Edition.”

  1. We have two strays including one who was injured in a fight and had to be treated cost $400. Plus two young ones who were the kittens of a pregnant stray. (Mom had the unfortunate tendency to rip open bread bags, so she and the other two kittens went to the shelter.) Plus one cat who got handed to us by some crying women outside the grocery store who begged us to take him. All told we have 8 cats and 2 dogs. Long term strays can have some odd habits like stashing piles of dry food in odd places.

  2. Moe, you were already at least an 8 or a 9 in my book, now you’re a 10!

    One of our 2 shelter cats recently passed away after minor surgery, so we went and got not one, but two new additions! Did you know folks don’t like to adopt black cats or older ones? We took a black cat and an older cat. Unfortunately, we only had valiant Henry for six weeks, but we still have rambunctious, hard-charging George (named for George Washington, of course.)

  3. As the last house on the dirt road, we’re the dumping area for unwanted pets. The feral cats (many many more cats than dogs, we’ve adopted several of those))that result must be controlled, and this county has no animal control program, Humane Society, SPCA, PETA chapter or any other resources to help out, so it falls on me. My opinion on the matter has not so much galvanized as become adamantine..
    Don’t want your pet anymore? MAN THE #@*& UP!

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