Ooh, Senator Robert Menendez is being linked to corruption. Again.

I’m slagged and I need to hit the sack, but… ooh.

NBC investigative journalist Jonathan Dienst reacted skeptically to Sen. Bob Menendez’s (D., N.J.) statement denying new allegations that he interceded inappropriately on behalf of two foreign nationals Thursday on Rachel Maddow.


Dienst noted Menendez has offered different excuses each time questions have been raised about actions by his office tied to large campaign donors. The public may soon know how truthful these explanations are, Dienst said.

This should be interesting.

7 thoughts on “Ooh, Senator Robert Menendez is being linked to corruption. Again.”

    1. Sure, why not? He keeps getting away with it, so I’m sure he believes he can do whatever he wants.

  1. If he was a Republican this would dominate the news cycle for weeks. But, alas, he’s a Democrat, so he could dowse a grandmother in kerosene and light her on fire and, most likely, ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/NYTimes/WaPo would report how corrupt Chris Christie is.

    1. Sure. If they’re saying on *MSNBC* that a Democratic politician may be having a problem… besides, it’s a YT video, so it’s not like they get traffic out of it.

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