So, yeah, Texas primaries tonight.

The race to find something to keep people interested in the governor’s race kind of took a big hit tonight:


It’s 1.03 million to 353K or so at the moment, but the ratios are about right. Now, let me show you the primary results for 2010.


Greg Abbott et al might still hit the 2010 mark (which was, after all, a contested race featuring an incumbent); Wendy Davis almost certainly will not.

This is what an enthusiasm gap looks like.

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “So, yeah, Texas primaries tonight.”

  1. Oh, wow! Over a million versus 300.000 some odd thousand. I thought the Dem’s would take a hit this year, but I didn’t think the torpedo would hit the magazine. It’s beginning to like it’s a bad decade to be a Democrat.

    1. Good! It ought to be a bad decade to be a Democrat.
      The past seven years have been a wretched time to be governed by Democrats.

  2. I didn’t make it to the polls – they didn’t open in Austin til 11 because of weather, even though the roads were fine, so I couldn’t go before work like I normally do. Definitely need to make the runoff though, to vote against Dewcrist. I’d have been tempted to vote in the Dem runoff for the LaRouchian, if it had been closer, though.

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