Over/under on Harry Reid declaring that the Koch brothers are secret Jews?

Because that’s the endgame.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Thursday accused Republicans of holding up crucial assistance to Ukraine in order to protect the Koch brothers.

Reid tied the billionaire brothers who have bankrolled conservative causes to GOP demands that language delaying the Internal Revenue Service’s regulation of non-profit political advocacy groups be added to the Ukraine package.

That’s where conspiracy theorists always end up. Eventually, they just come out and say It’s all because of the Jooooooos and then we have to kind of… shuffle the sufferer over to the fringes of polite society. It’s really a tragedy when it happens, of course.  Even the most miserable human being is a child of God.

Yes, even Harry Reid.  I don’t enjoy watching people slip into dementia, sorry.

Moe Lane

PS: As somebody or other noted recently, trying to make the Koch brothers into the face of this supposed libertarian conspiracy to take over the world so that they can leave you the hell alone is pretty freaking surreal.  Not least because, as conspiracies go, that one doesn’t sound half bad.

11 thoughts on “Over/under on Harry Reid declaring that the Koch brothers are secret Jews?”

  1. He can’t dry up and blow away fast enough. Step 1: Take his leadership away in November. Step 2: Not give it back in `16. He’ll be irrelevant and probably(?) retire if he manages to be re-elected.

  2. I’d be happy to watch ol’ Harry toggle all the way to crazytown.
    I’d *prefer* that he be a private citizen at the time, simply for the safety of our country, but .. there’s some decent arguments for him toggling over sooner.

  3. Harry Reid is a child of God?, you have proof? Having trouble grasping that concept. I always figured he was spawned by the other side.

      1. The Devil can’t create Life it is true, but I was operating on the understanding that he can create mockeries of God’s creation.
        Are we sure Reid ain’t one of those.

  4. He can always go back to work at Keebler. He looks so cute on the front of the package.

  5. If McConnell has any balls the minute he becomes Majority Leader he should declare his refusal to work with Harry Reid. If the Dems want any input in the 114th both Pelosi and Reid need to be pushed to the back bench.

    1. Personally I’m hoping that Matt Bevin has something to say about the chances of McConnell becoming Majority Leader.

    2. I wasn’t aware of any ‘functional’ difference between Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell.

      You have to look at what they do, not what they say.

      Words only really matter in Scrabble.

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