The obligatory ‘Hey, it’s my birthday!’ one-day pledge drive.

44 years old, as of 12:00:01 AM Eastern. And what utter frivolity am I aiming for, this time?  Why, a new iPod! The old one is starting to maybe wheeze a bit, and I’ve already replaced the glass once, and it can’t handle the latest iOS, so maybe it’s time. A bit expensive, but I’ll be getting some birthday money in and save up for the next couple of months for the rest of it. Minus whatever one-day contributions from my one-day pledge drive, of course.

So there you go.

Moe Lane

9 thoughts on “The obligatory ‘Hey, it’s my birthday!’ one-day pledge drive.”

  1. Nice bonus that a Scott Walker add was intro to that. Some sort of nod to the Throne of Skulls.

  2. Now I’m flashing to The Frantics “Roman Numerals” skit. “XLIV? Why don’t you just say XLIV? Who can remember forty-four?”

  3. I am unfortunately not able to donate today. But I’ll put a few bucks in the tip jar on my next paycheck. Hope you’ve had a good birthday, and that it stays good.

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