‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Gameplay Trailer.

Here we go.

Out in October. And, of course, they know that I’ll buy it. I want it to be the next Mass Effect, but I’ll buy it.

3 thoughts on “‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Gameplay Trailer.”

  1. October 7, specifically. Plus they know I’m likely to buy the extra spiffy version with extra digital shiny. They’re probably right.

    Besides, I don’t think it needs to be the next Mass Effect, the next Dragon Age with some intriguing new twists is fine. 🙂

  2. I really wanted to like Origins. It had an interesting setting, good characters, a strong story. Best of all, it was pretty original.
    But I hated it with a purple polka-dotted passion.
    Later, I started comparing it (favorably) with similar games that I’d loved, like Planescape.
    And I figured out why I hated it.
    I played it on a console. Had I played it on a computer, using a mouse and keyboard for input, I’d probably have loved it. (Well, I’d have still hated the suicidal AI driving the characters.)

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