Wendy Davis’s spokesman abruptly quits.

By the way, did you know that campaign contributions are, generally speaking, non-refundable? Just tossing that out there:

Bo Delp, spokesman and former communications director for Sen. Wendy Davis’ campaign for governor, has resigned.

Delp said it was “an honor” to work for the Democratic senator, who faces Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott. He said that he is confident in her candidacy and that he will support her “wherever and whenever possible.”

Just as long as it’s understood that it’s impossible for ol’ Bo to be the spokesman for Wendy Davis, I guess. I know, I know: they always say stuff like that, on both sides. And it always makes me laugh.

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “Wendy Davis’s spokesman abruptly quits.”

  1. You know what would be an interesting Campaign Finance Reform law, forcing crazy candidates who misrepresent themselves as serious, to be able to fully refund donors should they ask for it. Provided they prove the candidate misrepresented themselves as serious.

    I’m not sure how practical, legal, or conservative such a law would be. Nor how beneficial. But it would be fun to watch this particular campaign ( and Alan Grayson) refund a bunch of people they scammed.

    1. But truth is a defense – *we* all knew Davis was a fraud and Grayson is nuts. Just because fools were soon parted with their money doesn’t mean the crazy wasn’t there for everyone to see.

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