Annnnnnd so much for Michelle Nunn (D CAND, Georgia SEN Primary).

Calling for the resignation of Eric Shinseki over the contemptible actions of his Veterans Affairs bureaucrats is about as softball as you can get in a red state like Georgia, and Michelle Nunn just utterly whiffed it.

“I defer to the President’s judgement.” Yeah, Michelle, that would be the problem with you being Senator.

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “Annnnnnd so much for Michelle Nunn (D CAND, Georgia SEN Primary).”

  1. I…would have expected better political acumen from the daughter of Sam Nunn. *Shugs* Can’t say I’m sorry she lacks it, but ….. Thanks for making the GOP primary the actual election, I guess?
    Geez, but that’s a bush league error: know your electorate!!

  2. The 30 second campaign ads blitzing her “I’ll defer to the Presidents judgment” are going to be fun to watch.

      1. Moe, don’t count on this. Just a few things to keep in mind.

        Remember this series of events?

        She’s given Dems a buttload of stuff to use against her in the primary. She’s also burned her bridges with plenty of voters in her district. There is a strong chance of having turnout issues of R voters for these reasons.

        In addition to that, NC02 borders Mecklenburg County very close to Charlotte, which is unofficially known as the gay capital of NC. You can count on it that the Dems will be looking at pouring a lot of money into this race to back Clay Aiken, not because he’s a qualified candidate but because he’s gay.

        I honestly don’t know how things will go in that district. But this is one instance where looking at the ranking of a district by party may not be the most significant factor.

        1. No, I get the argument, but I don’t think much of Aiken as a contender, the amnesty thing didn’t stop Ellmers from getting almost as many votes as the two top D candidates (definite GOP superiority in the primaries there), and it’s the wrong year to be a Democratic celebrity candidate.

  3. The opposition imploding is how we roll up more gains on the state level.
    Not that I mind, of course.

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