:murmuring: Now that’s just showing off. #idf

Via Legal Insurrection comes this ROATS* moment:

You may safely assume that I am not particularly broken up over the idea that every other terrorist in the Palestinian terror rocket program will be now watching the skies obsessively for the next few days. It could have ended badly, though. Somebody who didn’t deserve getting blown up might have gotten shrapnel, or something. Of course, this assumes that the whole thing wasn’t simulated. Always a possibility, although the IDF is one of the relatively few military organizations out there who I’d believe has people who could use a guided missile like a sniper rifle.

Moe Lane


*Reach Out And Touch Someone. Stole that from SM Stirling: I assume that he did the same thing.

4 thoughts on “:murmuring: Now that’s just showing off. #idf”

  1. I know missiles are darned fast, and the framerate of the video isn’t very high.
    But I didn’t see any evidence of a missle.
    I think it’s a bit early to rule out that the terrorists in question were just travelling with unstable explosives, improperly secured.

  2. Not even a crater in the road; what’s left of the vehicle just rolled to a stop.

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