Quote of the Day, This Is Amusingly Obvious About Wendy Davis edition.

Well, it’s certainly not painful. At least, for me:

“[Erstwhile Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is] not doing as well as people had hoped, expected or wanted,” said Bill Miller, an Austin lobbyist who works with both Democrats and Republicans and who is a friend of Ms. Davis’s. “I think there were unrealistic expectations.”

Gee, you think? – Not that I mind national Democrats throwing 20 million down the money pit that is the Wendy Davis campaign.  It fuels economic activity – and better that it be spent on doomed Democratic campaigns than on viable Democratic ones.  But I do wonder if anybody on the Left is going to take a hit to their credibility for encouraging this wasted effort in the first place.  Probably not – and that’s not really a partisan slam; accountability for failure is rarely taken, and even more rarely offered.  Shoot, I have gotten it wrong on more than occasion.

I’ve also never set on fire 20 million of my own party’s money in the process, mind you.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, This Is Amusingly Obvious About Wendy Davis edition.”

  1. If they want to take $20,000,000 out to the desert and set fire to it, or if they want to spend it on a loser (with pink tennis shoes) .. it’s still $20,000,000 that they *can’t* spend to, say, defend Al Franken.

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