Sean Eldridge campaign’s fascinating suggestion re what the DCCC can do with its bagels.

This is really quite droll. Apologies for the link to a progressive site: but, shoot, said site sounds like it’s working its way up to endorse Republican incumbent Chris Gibson (R, New York-19) anyway. Or at least roll with the punch; it’s certainly not really impressed with the Democratic alternative at this point.

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel, eager to keep Hughes’ money flowing, has played him for a fool, not even giving him a coveted Red-to-Blue slot until Sean went bonkers on him. “Israel doesn’t help at all,” one heartbroken staffer told me. “All he does for this campaign is ship us bagels and cream cheese every week. We’d all rather have local donuts. He can shove his cr[*]ppy bagels up his [expletive deleted] with the cream cheese.”

‘Hughes’ is Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes; ‘Sean’ is his husband Sean Eldridge, who is currently flailing about trying (and apparently failing) to win NY-19, and the redacted language is, I feel, not very appropriate for mature adults. Particularly those involved in a campaign that’s running for Congress. Then again, this is apparently a bad year to be a Democrat running for Congress anyway.

Moe Lane

PS: The Democrats will get better, by the way.  Not this year; and not in 2016. But be very, very wary of 2018.

7 thoughts on “Sean Eldridge campaign’s fascinating suggestion re what the DCCC can do with its bagels.”

  1. Just wow. And yes, you’re right, the Dems will eventually learn better. They may even muzzle the ridiculous (erm, “activist”) wing of the party once more.
    That isn’t a bad thing – recent events in Oklahoma and Mississippi emphasize, at least to me, the need for some amount of tension to keep the dominant party in line.

      1. Rather bloody GOP primary in which candidate X sued to boot candidates Y and Z off the ballot over a bill passed in the last statehouse session.
        In high level terms, stupid in-fighting that only happens when there’s no credible alternative party to vote for.

        1. Ideally we would have two strong parties.
          Political parties left to sole power and their own devices inevitably become like the Ba’ath and the NSDAP.
          Part of what is wrong with the current Democratic Party is that for certain times and places, big cities, and the south during the antebellum, the civil war, and segregation, they were able to eliminate competition. I think their institutional culture has been weakened and corrupted by that to the current day.
          I strongly dislike the Democratic Party, and wish to see it gone, for much the same reasons that I am happy the Nazis now have no real political power. I also don’t care for many of the third parties. Even so, I recognize that it would be a bad thing for the Republicans to fail to have competent rivals. If nobody could ever defeat Republicans, the GOP would become the Democratic Party.

  2. Wait… the guy has access to FB money? Why the hell does he care what the DCCC does?

    1. Because uber rich FB guys don’t like to spend their money on politics despite being incredibly opinionated.

  3. This guy’s a ‘bagger.
    By which I mean a “carpetbagger,” not a Teabagger (who are awesome).
    He flies into NY in order to buy a seat in Congress as a vanity project (now where did he get that idea? Oh yeah, Hillary!), and gets shut down by the local political types who recognize that he’s an un-electable douche.

    Problem for the pols is, they still want his money.

    And so the rest of us are forced to endure this melodrama up until the point when he loses.
    Then, we get a year’s respite until he starts his next campaign.

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