Bad Roger Simon calls National Guardsmen child-killers. …Does @Politico agree?

Well, at least he didn’t call them ‘baby-killers.’ That’s progress, right?

Let me explain the entire good/bad thing.  There’s Roger Simon, over at Pajamas Media. I generally call him ‘Good’ Roger Simon, because that way I can distinguish him from the Roger Simon over at Politico, who I used to typically call ‘Bad’ Roger Simon.  Only now I’m just going to call Bad Roger Simon nothing but Bad Roger Simon, on the basis of this particular tweet.

This is not a case of the mask slipping.  This is a case of the mask jumping off the face and screaming Hey! Bad Roger Simon of Politico thinks that National Guardsmen will obey an order to shoot children! – Note that I’m passing over the equally monstrous suggestion that Rick Perry – or any other governor, mind you – would order National Guardsmen to shoot children.  If I recall correctly, Bad Roger Simon has strong sympathies with the antiwar movement: you can no more expect that sort to show elementary politeness to Republican politicians than you can expect a hardcore antiwar activist to demonstrate an understanding of basic hygiene.  However, the antiwar Left is usually better at hiding their utter contempt for people who serve in our various military forces.  Perhaps Bad Roger Simon has a cold?

But that’s not the real question. The real question is: why on Earth would Politico expect that any candidate involved with the National Guard should trust that particular media organization to deal with them fairly?  I mean, their people are apparently singularly unrepentant in their insults towards our men and women in uniform. Seriously, I would counsel, say, Scott Brown or Joni Ernst to immediately deny access to any and all Politico reporters until this has been clarified.  Politics aren’t beanbag, but having your military honor questioned is more than a few steps beyond the line.

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4 thoughts on “Bad Roger Simon calls National Guardsmen child-killers. …Does @Politico agree?”

  1. Given all the crap the MSM pulls, why should this event be different? The GOP with never throw out an entire media group.

  2. I’m sure they agree, being the reliable left-wing site that they are. Now, whether or not they want you to know they agree, well, that’s a different story.

  3. I see that the bad Mr. Simon has failed to learn that if we were as brutish and murderous as he thinks we are, people like him would be too frightened to say things like that.

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