Is this DOOM for Pat Quinn (D-INC, Illinois-GOV)?

I am hesitant to declare DOOM too early, but… wow.

Chicago’s championship Little League team greeted Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn with awkward silence, despite the best efforts of an enthusiastic emcee to rustle up some applause.

I mean. Wow. On the one hand, it’s like everybody is just counting the days until Pat Quinn is gone and Bruce Rauner becomes the next governor of Illinois. On the other hand, given the way that Quinn has made a mess of things, it’s surprising that Rauner would want the job. On the gripping hand, as far as I know Pat Quinn is not going to be leaving office while also under indictment, so arguably he’s the best governor Illinois has had in quite some time.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Seriously, I almost felt bad for the guy for a moment, there.  …And then I stopped, of course. Bruce Rauner for Governor of Illinois.

PPS: Whoops!  Maybe there’s going to be a scandal, after all:

A senior Quinn administration official is leaving his post amid continuing fallout from a patronage hiring scandal in the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Deputy Chief of Staff Sean O’Shea is going off the payroll, effective Aug. 29. He’s held that position since August 2011, and his responsibilities included overseeing IDOT and its hiring of senior officials in policy positions.

A spokesman for the Quinn administration confirmed the departure, but insisted that it has nothing to do with the hiring matter.


2 thoughts on “Is this DOOM for Pat Quinn (D-INC, Illinois-GOV)?”

  1. First, let me offer my own congratulations to Chicago’s little leaguers, they did an amazing job.
    Now, as for Quinn. Yes, there’s a scandal, and it stinks on ice.
    There’s also the little matter that Quinn should have lost in 2010, long-time gadfly with no real executive experience other than being henchman for former governor, convicted crook, and one-time Obama pal Blagojevich ..
    Bluntly, if the IL GOP were actually competent, the Brady campaign wouldn’t have foundered in the suburbs. The last four years of hell have been because of their incompetence ..
    So .. yeah, Quinn is – and should be – toast. Unless, of course, Rauner actually starts listening to the IL-GOP.

  2. I’m pretty sure the Illinois governorship comes with an indictment. I understand the swearing-ins are uncomfortable over the fear there will be service papers slipped into the Bible.

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