The Washington Post: Mary Landrieu ‘lives’ with her parents.

Well, as is typical for that paper, the Washington Post saved the really bad-for-Democrats quote for close to the end of the article:

“A U.S. senator shouldn’t be living with their parents,” [Louisiana Senate Republican candidate* Rob] Maness said. “She’s got plenty of good pay, she’s employed, but she says she’s living with her parents? . . . It’s time for one of us from the state of Louisiana to go fill this seat.”

It’s the usual: Mary Landrieu – who has lived in DC for almost twenty years now – doesn’t actually have her own house in Louisiana.  She instead uses her parents’ New Orleans house as her ‘home’ address for those pesky residency requirements and instead lives in a built-from-scratch dream mini-mansion on East Capitol Street. It’s worth about $2.5 million, but you simply need multiple bedrooms and bathrooms when you’re hobnobbing with the rest of the rich and the powerful on behalf of the People.

Sacrifices must be made, after all.  Some people sacrifice for the Democratic party by giving it money roughly twenty-seven times a day (or whatever the average number of begging emails are, these days). Others shoulder a more spiritually draining sacrifice via attending Beltway cocktail parties.  Who is to say that one set of sacrifices is less than the other?

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Moe Lane


*One of several.

2 thoughts on “The Washington Post: Mary Landrieu ‘lives’ with her parents.”

  1. I get but dislike the headline. In my worldview, whenever possible, extended families are better than nuclear families which are better than single parent families. Social Security undermined the multigenerational family just as The Great Society weakened the nuclear family.

    1. Hence the scare quotes. If Mary Landrieu actually lived at that house and had three generations of her family coming and going all the time that’d be one thing; but note how all of her neighbors were going She lives here? Dude, we never see her. 🙂

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