See, this is why I hate mid-September in election years.

Nothing ever makes sense. Case in point: while we’re watching everybody gingerly panic and/or exult over the Senate races – ‘gingerly’ because doing either right now is like tap-dancing in a minefield – you get stuff like this:

A new Sienna College poll in New York’s 11th congressional district finds Rep. Michael Grimm (R), despite being under federal indictment, is locked in a tight battle against challenger Domenic Recchia (D), 44% to 40%.

It’s genuinely weird: if you look at the national polls, everything’s great for Republicans. If you look at the state polls, things are currently reassuring Democrats. And if you drill down to the local polls, you’re right back to seeing Republicans doing well. Danged if I know what the heck is going on, except that I hate mid-September in election years.

Moe Lane

PS: The man is under indictment. How is this even a thing?

6 thoughts on “See, this is why I hate mid-September in election years.”

  1. I was going to put a long list of grievances here, but the therapeutic value was dubious. My mood is bad, has been for months, the current polls reinforce it. Thankfully, my wife still loves me.

  2. Caveat that I know nothing about this race in general or in particular BUT – –

    The “under indictment” scare quote is losing a lot of its punch thanks to the Dem’s games with DeLay, Perry Stephenson, et. al.

    The result is that when news breaks of an R ‘under indictment’ my first thought is not “What did he do wrong?” but rather “Wow, he must be really good at his job if they’re targeting him.”

    Thanks partisan hacks!

    1. The charges appear to be based on possible under-reporting of business income and wages. It is an accounting issue and, unexpectedly, the Feds and NY want more money. Ain’t no big…

  3. The part I’m finding most interesting is .. the political conversation isn’t about 2014. It’s about 2016.
    I am taking this to mean, despite what the polls and pundits (and partisan hacks) may say, they already have a good gut feel for how 2014 is going to play out (somewhere between “Dem loss” and “Dem bloodbath”) and are looking at the next unknown…

  4. The situation in Kansas concerns me; if the GOP loses any Senate seats this go-around, I’m expecting Kansas now to be it.

    1. Kansas is going through the same thing right now that Mississippi and Kentucky went through several months ago: to wit, an angry primary. If the election was next week I’d be frantic; as it stands, six weeks should be plenty of time for the race to reset.

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