Keystone: Failed. LA-SEN runoff: …DOOM.

A colleague suggests that Mary Landrieu is beyond DOOM, in fact.

Yup. Senator Mary Landrieu’s last, desperate leap for safety came up short: the Keystone Pipeline bill that Rep. Bill Cassidy championed in the House went down in the Senate. 59-41, of course: Harry Reid ends his career as Senate Majority Leader as he began it. Which is to say, by toadying to the rather disassociated, yet hardcore partisan, establishment figures that run the Democratic party these days.

But let’s be honest. Mary Landrieu’s runoff election campaign wasn’t doing all that spiffy to begin with. The polling has been all Republican-leaning, sure: it’s also exceedingly gruesome for Landrieu, and this has been a bad cycle for claiming that the polls are biased against Democrats. Besides, if Sen. Landrieu had really thought that she was ahead she wouldn’t have grimly gone along with this Keystone stunt. I’ll leave the Senator with this thought:

Self serving? Sure. Pure trolling on my part? Most assuredly. An excellent revenge for Landrieu? Absolutely.

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9 thoughts on “Keystone: Failed. LA-SEN runoff: …DOOM.”

  1. Will the Senate math work in Keystone’s favor when the R’s take over? Or did we just witness the death of legislative action for the next 2 years?

    1. Based on today’s performance… we should clear the 60 vote threshold easy next year, and be within spitting distance of an override. Let’s see how many more Democratic Senators will feel like destroying their careers for a lame duck President, shall we?

      1. This whole exercise was just so bizarre. Why even bother putting the vote forward if they were just going to do this? I mean, I don’t mind one bit they ran her career through with a broad sword, but I wonder if she wasn’t a particularly loved figure in the Dem caucus. The recriminations will be delicious.

    2. Johnson, Rockefeller, Harkin, and Udall are all replaced by Republicans who will vote yes. So we should have 63 yes votes come January. Maybe more if Tim Kaine remembers he’s in a swing state and is up for re-election in 2018.
      Schumer if he remembers he’s owned by Wall Street and not Steyer. Reid if he recalls he’s going to probably lose in 2016.
      Durbin if he recalls that he’s owned by the Unions and they want this.

      I’m mildly surprised there were 41 Democrats willing to vote against this considering only a small vocal minority of the Democrat coalition opposes Keystone.

  2. Ah, that fine “news” paper, the Washington Post, which can’t seem to figure out how to tell us who voted for the measure!

    It appears Reid voted against it, yes? Now THAT is a screw job of major proportions.

  3. Some people have suggested that Harry Reid voted No in order to be able to bring the bill up again… but that makes no sense because the bill would have passed if he had voted Yes.

    And she cannot quit and give up franking her Christmas cards and impacting her pension. Democrats know they value of a dollar as long as it is one of theirs.

    1. One would think Harry had counted the votes before casting his. But one would also think Harry isn’t senile.

  4. I think that there are a couple of Houses races held in that same runoff. Maybe Reid’s making Landrieu look the fool will bleed over into those races.

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