Tweet of the Day, Good GOD But This Is True edition.

It’s as true a thing as a thing could be, in fact.

13 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Good GOD But This Is True edition.”

  1. Guess what? WiFi modems or routers have, at max, 10 characters. That’s right, try the home phone number first. 9 times out of 10, it will work.

        1. *puts on geek hat*
          AT&T (purveyor of the “2wire###” wifi routers that are *everywhere* in suburbia) technicians set the password as Gator suggests *by design*. Makes it easier for customers and customer service.
          Not sure if Comcast is equally permeable as I’ve avoided them like the plague, but .. wouldn’t surprise me.
          Since AT&T and Comcast et al now bundle wifi with cable, internet, and phone, the once-common “home wifi router” (including the Linksys wrt54 and its’ dd-wrt enhancements) is going the way of the .. Hawaiian Republican.
          *removes nerd hat*
          So .. after you’ve given up getting onto your parents’ wifi and are trying passwords for the neighbors’ wifi by rooting through your parents’ address book, consider setting your next wifi password with a horse staple battery.**
          ** Classical reference:

          1. Since I live out here on the outer rim, neither AT&T nor Comcast serve my area. My only choice is the Deerefield & Petersburg Cable Company (D & P). Special rules apply.

          2. Having dealt with Comcast setting up a wireless connection for my folks earlier this year, I’ll note that their passwords are 16 digit random alphanumeric strings.

            And their password is kept at my house.

  2. I took it as a given that most of us had set up our parents’ wireless network, and if we were smart, made the pw something we could remember in anticipation of having to fix it.

  3. I laughed and then showed this to my wife, and she laughed because we are going to her dad’s house tomorrow and thankfully the long random password is saved on our devices.

  4. I use my parents Wi-Fi all the time (I’m a millennial its expected)
    It is a long password, written on a piece of papery, neither they or I can find.

  5. oh crap, I guess I AM my parents! well, I have a kind of luddite thing going on, I mean, check the SN.

    * but I would never destroy facebookistan as a luddite would, I just kind of live apart from it. 🙂

  6. On my previous wifi router I set the password to (without quotes) “This is my passphrase. There are many like it, but this one is mine.” Complete with correct capitalization, punctuation, and the correct two spaces after the period instead of one.

    Now I’m on a stupid Comcast one where I’m not allowed to set it, and it’s a 10 character limit string.

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