New patch is out on Dragon Age Inquisition.

If you have Origin, it should load automatically. Just did a run and it’s a heck of a lot more stable – no more crashes to keyboard – so if you were waiting for them to stomp the bugs, well, they have done some stomping.

Can’t wait for the first DLC on this one. Hope there’ll be a ton…

One thought on “New patch is out on Dragon Age Inquisition.”

  1. As a big fan of DA:O and a moderate fan of DA2, I bought the game a week and a half ago, played through the opening quest until the first boss battle, then ran around trying to find the precise spot to stand and direction to face to disrupt the rift while the invulnerable boss killed everyone. Tried 5 times and gave up. Maybe if I could have zoomed out a little further I could have seen it, but the PC controls wouldn’t let me.

    Meanwhile I’m having fun with Divinity: Original Sin.

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