Yet another demonstration of a possible link between hardcore gun control views…

…and damaged cognitive ability: “A recent gun buyback event in Oregon, aimed at curbing the number of weapons on the street, turned into a planned profit making opportunity for a group of firearms enthusiasts.” Basically, the gun buyback people were offering too-high prices for some firearms, so certain gun enthusiasts simply sold them clapped-out pieces of junk for a profit.  The buyback also offered to trade ‘high capacity magazines’ for $25 gift cards for a store that happens to sell ‘high capacity magazines’… for $8.  Yes, that worked out pretty much as you’d expect, too: they ran out of gift cards.  It’s a shame I don’t live in Oregon; there was clearly money in that.

But the best part? At least one person said Hey, wait, I know precisely where people who want to sell firearms are going to gather – and so he waited outside in order to make a better cash offer for the firearms that were worth more than the buyback value. How did it go?

“I picked up five weapons including a Model 11 Remington SemiAuto 12-gauge from 1926, a Mossberg bolt-action 20-gauge from 1947-1950… AND a pre-1900, 12-gauge breech action with Damascus barrel……AND……. a couple of 22 pistols,” wrote the member.

Because this is America, that’s why.  And it shouldn’t surprise anybody that the system was so easily gamed, here. I think that sometimes we forget that we largely don’t trust governmental competence for a reason.

Via PJ Tatler.

3 thoughts on “Yet another demonstration of a possible link between hardcore gun control views…”

  1. The poor little gun control advocates. Still clinging to their belief that making things illegal will make it vanish with the desperate strength of a frightened child holding onto their blanket.

  2. *face palm*

    Of course you will get firearms; and of course you will get someone without a felony record selling to the police the firearms that everyone with a felony has sold to that one clean guy and his friends. If there is a market then there will be brokers.

    Economics – how is that spelt?

  3. These events have been failing in exactly the same ways, for years.
    Yet they never learn.
    There’s a metaphor here. I can feel it.

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