Washington Free Beacon Video of the Day, …And I Don’t Even LIKE John McCain edition.

But I do like the Washington Free Beacon, which created this*.

Background here: the operative phrase was “Get out of here, you low-life scum.”  Said phrase was directed against a Code Pink protester, which means that I’m mildly disappointed that Sen. McCain didn’t follow his statement with a Go back home and masturbate some more to the pictures of dead Iraqi civilians you sick freaks get off of on so.  But then, I suppose that you need to have some decorum in the Senate.

Moe Lane

PS: Sorry, but while I may despise John McCain, when it comes to him versus Code Pink I know what side I’m on, and it’s not those horrible anti-American death addicts masquerading as an antiwar group. To quote Glenn Reynolds: Code Pink isn’t antiwar. They’re just on the other side.

*This is why we have the WFB, you understand. This is why we needed the WFB, only we never knew that.

3 thoughts on “Washington Free Beacon Video of the Day, …And I Don’t Even LIKE John McCain edition.”

  1. I read the asterisk and was trying to figure out what William F Buckley had to do with this, for a minute.

    1. Over on Drudge this morning there was a headline that said something like “Ancient skull key to understanding human evolution”. I was kind of let down when I read it more carefully and realized there was no Ancient Skull Key.

  2. Everyone is welcome to John McCain’s opinion, and after everything he has gone through I am not surprised that he says things like this. “What’re you gonna do, insult me? Ohh, please, do just that you pajama-wearing goof. Give me an excuse – I went through Annapolis and the Hanoi Hilton – and I have a lot of choice phrases that’ll singe your precious sensibilities to a crisp.”

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